Meet the SGPL running group!

There is something most Malaysians and Singaporeans can agree upon, and that is their love of food. Team food outings are a predictable and delicious way to spend time together, but how about when we want to burn off all those calories? The SGPL team in the Singapore office decided to address this by starting a weekly running group! Our colleagues from this team contribute to the company by providing 24/7 SIBS-related maintenance and support services to our clients.

I sat down for a casual chat with Wendy to ask her for more details about the group. She is one of the earliest running group members that has consistently joined the group since its inception.

Michelle: So who came up with the running group idea? How did it come about?
Wendy: Well Leslie (the team’s boss) had an idea to do a company activity and he asked the team to think of something. After some thought, we wanted to do something that would be meaningful, healthy, and overall just good for the body. That’s why we decided on running. It’s easy, free, and everyone is welcome to join.

Smaller group picture before run at promontory
Michelle: Oh I see. When was your first run?
Wendy: We had our first run on December 6, 2016.

Michelle: What’s the running schedule?
Wendy: We officially have one every Tuesday, but there is also an extra run on Thursday for the really gung-ho people (laughs). There’s usually a smaller group on Thursday, as you can imagine.

Michelle: How many people usually join the Tuesday run?
Wendy: It depends on who can make it, but it generally ranges from 5-10 people.

Michelle: Who usually joins the runs?
Wendy: A wide range of people join the group, actually. Some are experienced marathon runners, others are completely new to the sport or training for a race.

Michelle: Are they all part of SGPL?
Wendy: Yes all of them are. The group is open for everyone in the office who would like to join though!

Michelle: What’s the route that you guys run?
Wendy: When we first started the group we went around the promontory to Marina Bay Sands, over the helix bridge, past the esplanade and merlion, then came back to the starting point. This loop was about 3.5km.

After a few weeks of practice we felt like we needed something more challenging, so we started running to the marina barrage and back. That route is about 6.7km. We usually end with some light stretching when we finish to prevent injuries.

Running route map
Michelle: Oh wow. That sounds intense. What if I’ve never run before and want to join? I’m not sure I could make it.
Wendy: Don’t worry about it! Everyone in the group is super kind and encouraging to new people. We don’t want to scare them away (laughs). We don’t mind doing the shorter route if that’s what the newbie is more comfortable with. Everyone is usually motivating and in high spirits, and you can go at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

Michelle: Do I need to bring anything special to join?
Wendy: Nope, just comfortable clothes to run in and your shoes. We’ll all leave from the office together around 6.45pm.

Michelle: Well thanks for spending some time with me today to talk about this. Finally, are there other perks to the running group?
Wendy: Definitely the view. Seeing the sunset or the lights come on in the city during dusk is something pretty special.

Night view of Singapore skyline from the Art Science museum
For more information on the SGPL running group, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]