A Visit to PJ Caring Home

Group photo of Structured team outside PJ Caring Home

In late 2016, the Silverlake Structured Services team in Malaysia made a trip to PJ Caring Home in Petaling Jaya as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Within the Group, the Structured team is responsible for developing and maintaining solutions which are designed to assist financial institutions and meet customer demands while addressing the challenges of the changing economic climate. PJ Caring Home is a nursing home for mentally challenged people, and a total of 140 residents ranging from 19 to 90 years old are housed in 3 different homes. Embracing an open concept, the home encourages residents to interact with society and to hold regular jobs if they are able to.

The team visited the Home for half a day on Saturday morning, armed with a fun schedule and plenty of compassion. In addition to donating their time, the team also sponsored mattresses, blankets, pillows, and bedsheets for the home along with breakfast and lunch on the day. This initiative is part of the team’s intention to give back to society by aiding the less fortunate among us. Let’s take a look at what they got up to!

The day began with a short introduction by the Chief Operating Officer & Senior EVP of SSSVC, Tan Soo Cheng who talked a little bit about Silverlake Structured Services.

Soo Cheng giving a speech at PJ Caring Home
A simple breakfast of nasi lemak and buns followed, and the team was taken on a tour of the home. They were also treated to a performance by some residents of the home!
PJ Caring Home residents performing
The Structured team also organized some games for the residents that include balloon blowing, musical chairs, and dancing.
PJ Caring Home residents and team with balloons, residents dancing, residents playing musical chairs
Some residents also opened up about their lives and experiences, sharing their struggles and triumphs with the team before the whole group broke for lunch. The team also helped to feed some residents who were having trouble.
Team members feeding PJ Caring Home residents

The day ended with a heartfelt speech from the home’s founder, Mr. Peru, who thanked the Structured team for their time as well as their donations to the home. He expressed his appreciation and invited the team to come back again, and was hopeful that we could make this an annual event. Both residents and staff enjoyed themselves immensely and thought it was a great success.

CSR is important to Silverlake Axis, and we hope our teammates from all entities participate in some form of it throughout the year. Has your team organized something recently? Let me know at [email protected]