AFSC 2019

Silverlake Axis is proud to be the Principal and FIIA Strategic Partner of the Asian Financial Services Congress (AFSC) on the 28th February and 1st March 2019 in Singapore.

Themed “Humanly Possible: The More Personal, Creative, Open Future of Financial Services in Asia”, this is IDC’s largest financial services conference in Asia/Pacific, hosting more than 500 senior financial practitioners over the two-day conference.

At this prestigious gathering of leading financial services firms, we are pleased to launch our STRAIGHT THROUGH BANKING PLATFORM and FERMION - ASEAN’s first Insurtech Ecosystem Platform!

Straight Through Banking Platform

AFSC 2019

Silverlake Axis' Straight Through Banking Platform is the culmination of our proven banking products and solutions, successfully built and deployed to more than 60 customers, over the last 30 years.

The modular design of our best-of-breed solutions bring ease of collaboration; allowing information be streamlined and processed across multiple trusted partners yet resilient, reliable and scalable to support financial firms in their digitisation journey.

So regardless if you are preparing for the Open Banking, gearing up for digital banking services, preparing for regional expansion, merger and acquisition or looking for ways to optimize your existing technology investment, the Straight Through Banking Platform can help you achieve your vision, strategy, and everyday operational tactics.

FERMION - ASEAN’s 1st Insurtech Ecosystem Platform

As the region’s 1st ecosystem platform dedicated to the Insurance, FERMION comprises of technologies, software, services and ecosystems from Merimen & Cyber Village to help Insurers innovate at a faster speed and address their daily challenges.

FERMION will continue to identify relevant technologies to enrich its digital capabilities and connectivity for all platform participants, enabling them to be competitive in the connected economy of Asia Pacific. For more information and updates, please visit us at http://www.silverlakeaxis.com/fermion/index.html


As the leading SaaS insurance platform provider in ASEAN, Merimen shared our TrueSight solution suite with the conference delegates.

  1. TrueSight Video Interaction Tool (powered by Wavecell)
    Using video interaction technology, we enabled insurers to optimize their claim process, improve efficiency and enhance customer experience. Click here to read more about MSIG Insurance (Singapore), pioneering on using video technology to optimize their motor claims process.

  2. TrueSight A.I. Decisioning Tool
    Using real-time AI, we are empowering claims managers to process claims more efficiently, reduce claim cost, and help prevent potential fraud. The tool will also be continuously strengthened with actuary advisory based on outcomes from user-machine interactions, updated business rules, learning points from statistical analysis and benchmark data. This ensures that the decisioning recommendations continue to improve with business environment, customer portfolio composition and industry benchmarks.


Cyber Village – enabling digital transformational and omni-channel solutions for financial services industry

  1. Chatbot in Action
    As Artificial Intelligence technologies matures and digital channels becoming the new norm for financial services, integration with chatbots can reduce excessive operational costs, by resolving customer queries in a fully automated way. Meet CERA – our chatbot in action, answering queries from the delegates.

    Cyber Village
  2. Digital Onboarding Tool
    Financial services firms are increasingly using digital technologies to stay connected with their digital savvy customers while keeping operational cost lower, digital onboarding becomes the essential tool for enabling automation, reducing the paper-based and increase accuracy.

    Cyber Village